You've created your organisation and been approved and you have managed to purchase job tokens. Now it's time to upload your advert.

  1. Log in to myjobscotland
  2. Go to "My Organisations"
  3. Select your organisation from the right hand list.
  4. In the menu on the right hand side select "Post a job"
  5. Complete the form
  6. Publish

TitleJob title for role
AdvertJob description/advert text
AttachmentsUpload a copy of any documents candidates may need, for example:
  • Job Description
  • Person Specification
  • Application Form
  • Your recruitment process
CategorySelect the most suitable category
Work time count

e.g. 35 hours per week


Work time unithours
Work time periodweek
Minimum salaryThe minimum salary/hourly rate offered for this position.
Maximum salaryThe maximum salary/hourly rate offered for this position.
Salary period

The period the salary is paid. e.g. £XX per year or per hour.

Salary rangeThis is a search filter used by candidates, you can only choose one so select the most appropriate.
Salary suffixCustom text to display after the salary e.g. pro rata
Override salary textCustom text to display in place of salary (if required)
Position typee.g. full time / part time
Contract typee.g. permanent / temporary
AddressMain reporting location of job
Post codeCorresponding post code to address - note this pulls the map location in the advert and is used in the location search by candidates.
AreaGeneric area of position
External Application URLHow do you intend candidates apply? If you have your own application link you can insert this here, if the candidate is to email an application form/CV you can enter an email link e.g.
Allow applicationsIf you have added a link in the URL field, leave this in the "On" position.
Number of positionsThe total number of positions available for this job.
Start dateWhen do you want the advert to display on the website?
End dateWhen does the advert expire?
PublishedIn most cases this should be left "On"