Although myjobscotland is mostly used by the 32 councils in Scotland, we also publish job adverts for charities and other organisations in the public sector. The decision on whether or not we are able to accept your request lies with the Head of Digital Media at COSLA.

We have made some changes so external organisations can now publish their own jobs. The cost for a self-service job token is £150+vat with a reduced price of £100 for registered charities with the proper documentation. Organisations can now purchase credits and create job adverts without the need for us to be involved.

To set up the organisation you would need a logo (preferably large and square) and a couple of paragraphs about your organisation.

It's not mandatory, but we could use a photographic header image for your page and this would give a more professional look. It would need to be 644 x 166 pixels. If you send a suitable photograph, we can crop this down to size. 

If you would like to continue please can you follow these steps:

  1. Read the "post a job with us" page 
  2. If you would like to continue you can register by clicking HERE
  3. Complete the web form to create your account.
  4. An activation email will be sent to you. Please use this to activate your account.
  5. You will then be presented with the option to create an organisation. If you are a new non-childcare organisation select "New Advertiser" There you can create your page. 

  6.  Once created, the system will email us to approve your organisation, if we require additional information from you we will contact you directly.~

    NOTE:- you will not be able to purchase tokens or post a job until we have approved you, this may not happen immediately, please look out for an email from us.